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Barton Springs Nursery


Our selection of plants is unparalleled to that of other nurseries you'll find in Central Texas. What makes us so unique is the fact that we grow a large percentage of our plants ourselves, right here in Austin, from locally collected seeds and cuttings. We're never afraid to try something new to see if it can take our sometimes harsh conditions, and if it can, we'll try to grow more of it, offering it to you at a fair price and with the confidence that you can be successful with it. Let us help you find the right plants for your landscape or garden. Colorful annuals, hardy perennials, Antique roses, herbs, veggies, vines, shrubs, palms, agave and cacti, trees, hardy succulents and one of the best selections of natives to be found in Central Texas...did we leave something out? Well, we probably have that too.  If you don't find the plants you're looking for or the quantity you need, we will keep a lookout for their availability and let you know if we are able to get it for you. While we keep our plants priced competitively, we always have a large amounts of plants on sale. Be sure to check out our sale board just to the left of the entrance as you enter through the front gate.

Scattered throughout the nursery is our distinctive selection of Vietnamese pottery. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and one of a kind glazes, Vietnamese pots are known for their strong clay body and quality craftsmanship. The glazes are hand applied and therefore small differences do appear in the beautiful finishes, giving each pot a unique identity. Unglazed Terra Cotta pots and saucers are also always available in a wide range of sizes and styles.
Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, Barton Springs Nursery carries a unique assortment of gifts and uncommon objects. From striking wall pieces to one of a kind curios, hand-painted art to picture frames and nifty furniture, you will always find something new and different in our curated shop. Outside of the gift shop you will find quality outdoor garden furniture and whimsical yard art. Situated on four acres in West Lake Hills, we are a restful oasis in the middle of the city.

Garden Products
Fertilizers, amendments, insecticides, herbicides, repellants - we are a one-stop shop for your garden arsenal. Our helpful staff can assist you in diagnosing whatever problems you may be having in the garden and get you the products you need to treat the issue at hand. If your garden is already healthy and happy, we have the goods that will help you maintain a lively ecosystem in your own backyard.

A colorful and wide assortment of seeds can be found in the hallway of the shop. Seeds for herbs, vegetables, annuals, and perennials can always be found during their appropriate planting season; most varieties are untreated or organic. Grab a free planting guide while you're here or print one out ahead of time from our 'Resources' page. In addition to the large selection of garden seeds, we also carry several varieties of native Texas wildflower seeds and turf varieties that are locally and seasonally appropriate.

Barton Springs Nursery carries bulbs on a seasonal basis, so be sure to stop in during the fall to get your bulbs planted for spring color. We carry a wonderful selection of fall bulbs including species tulips, various narcissus, oxblood lilies, lycoris, bearded and dutch iris, muscari, leucojum, and more. Many of these bulbs will naturalize in the Austin area and are deer resistant. Don't forget amout amaryllis and paperwhites for forcing indoors during the holiday season. Spring is the season the purchase caladium and elephant ear bulbs.

We offer a broad range of bagged soils, mulches, gravels, amendments and fertilizers that range in size from 0.5 cubic feet to 3 cubic feet, depending on the product. Our staff will gladly assist you in figuring out what earth goods you should get and how much you will need. We do not carry bulk soils.

Barton Springs Nursery carries a complete and extensive selection of organic soil amendments, potting soils, and fertilizers, as well as a wide choice of natural pest and fungus control solutions that are safe for your children and pets. We look forward to helping gardeners establish and maintain an organic program in their landscape. In the shop there is a plethora of free literature and, best of all, our staff is made up of organic gardeners who are anxious to share their knowledge.